-All about our 2021 Harvest Share

Harvest Share is also known as CSA (Community Supported Agriculture).  At its most basic, its a way for people to connect more deeply with their food, the people growing it, and the land which nourishes it.  Each farm does it a little differently, but the general idea is that customers commit to a full season's worth of vegetables, then receive a weekly box with their share of the harvest.  They also pay at least some of the cost before the season begins, which gives the farmer much needed operating funds during the lean months of March through May.  In return, the customer gets produce at the peak of ripeness and freshness, saves significant money over grocery store prices, and has the satisfaction of knowing exactly where their food comes from and where their money goes to.

At Jade Family Farm, we do things a little differently than most other farms offering a CSA.  One thing we've noticed over the past years is that it is impossible to create a box of veggies that will please everybody.  People are different.  That is why we use a web based software specifically designed for family farms such as ours to give their customers exactly what they want. Two days before the weekly scheduled delivery, we send out an email listing the anticipated contents of the box.  If you like it, fine, do nothing, and it will be delivered.  If not, all shareholders have the option of swapping out items they don't want for those they do  via an online store created for that purpose.  You're in charge-- it's your stomach, after all.  For a more detailed description of how exactly this all works, visit the "About Harvie" page under the "harvest share/CSA" header on this website, or click here.

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