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describes the harvie software

We are very excited to be part of a group of select farms using "Harvie", a web- based software system specifically designed for family farms such as ours to give CSA customers exactly what they want.  Main advantages of Harvie are:

Customized Boxes: This allows to to select preferences at sign up, then customize each week based on what's available.  You won't ever have to deal with vegetables you can't stand, or not get enough of something you love.

Reduced Food Waste: Because you are getting what you want, little or none of it will go in the compost or trash.  Nobody likes seeing good food go to waste.

Purchase Extras: Exceptionally hungry?  Having houseguests?  Order "extra" items we have available with just a mouse click and save yourself a trip to the store.

Payment Plans: No need to write checks of remember to mail a payment.  Choose your payment plan and your card will be charged automatically each week your share is delivered, or at prearranged intervals.

Delivery Flexibility: Have a vacation planned?  No problem.  Simply put a "hold" on that week's delivery and schedule two boxes for another week-- no more missing out on vegetables you've paid for!  

Cooking Suggestion Engine: Harvie provides recipe suggestions, cooking and storage tips, and food prep resources for when you're unsure what to do for dinner.

Different Share Sizes: Small, medium and large share each available as weekly or biweekly deliveries.  

Customer Resources and Training: Community manager working to create farm share resources and training designed to help you make the best use of your farm share.

Customer Service: The harvie help desk is available (support@harvie.farm) to help you with your sign up and in managing your box, should you need it.

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