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Mid Winter Farm Update

Posted 2/20/2013 11:26am by John Eisenstein.

Now that the days are getting longer and the sun brighter, signs of life are beginning to revisit the barren earth, and the farm begins slowly to wake up.   We humans, too, are gradually emerging from our winter torpor and are getting back to work.  I find that the nicer the weather, the more energy and enthusiasm we have and more gets accomplished.  Fortunately there is plenty to keep us busy this time of year as we hurry to complete our winter projects before Spring truly arrives.  As you can see from this photograph, our five star mobile henhouse is nearing completion (roosts to the left, nesting boxes to the right).


We have 50 pullets ordered for May, and although that probably won't be enough eggs to satisfy all our customers, harvest share enrollees get first "crack" at them, as it were. Also our greenhouse is in full swing, with most of the 20,000 onions we planted up and growing and in addition to early spinach, chard, beets, lettuce, kale and John's favorite, escarole.

I even forgot the trauma of 2008 and decided to try spring cauliflower again.

I'm also hard at work constructing a new high tunnel (that's just an unheated field greenhouse).  Some assembly required.  We received a NRCS grant for the thing, which is great, but it puts us on a tight schedule with regards to actually finishing it. We should be ready to set up the rafters next warm day we have.

In other news we are getting ready for the arrival of baby goats sometime in the second week of March and harvest share signups are ongoing-- see website for details.  Your early signup is always appreciated, as it helps me plan out the season and purchase the neccessary supplies for the same in a timely manner.  Plus, I just spent my last $400 on a sheep.  Maybe not the wisest thing to do, but if there's one thing I learned these last ten years, it's that if you wait until just the right time to follow your dreams, you never will.  how's everybody doing?  Drop us a line!

John, Dana, Simon, Evelyn and the Jade crew 

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