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Waiting for Spring

Posted 3/22/2013 2:29pm by John Eisenstein.

The title just about says it all-- we're primed and ready, eagerly awaiting some halfway decent weather so we can get started.  Not that we have been completely idle-- oh no, far from it.  Our new chicken coop is almost done, including some very nice detail painting done by Hannah's mother who came to visit one day.  I am waiting for it to be full of hens, though, before I send you another picture of it.  But here is a picture of two baby goats, Inky and Binky, which Ramona delivered into the world two weeks ago.    

Okay, that didn't work out so good.  Trust me, they're very cute.  The kids are fun to have around and of course the milk that Ramona gives is out of this world.  Our other doe, Tulip, is due to kid any day now.  

We're also moving ahead with out second high tunnel, shown here with the rafters up behind the stubble of last fall's crops.  This new tunnel should enable us to grow well into the winter and offer a winter harvest share for the first time in 2013.

Despite the cold weather-- does anyone remember March of 2012, when it was 70 degrees?- we have managed to put a few things in the ground, which we then cover with plastic over wire hoops to create a kind of mini greenhouse. Some of them are even growing a little, but all in all this March is making me glad we start our harvest share deliveries at the end of May, not at the beginning.  Speaking of which, we are filling up rapidly, so if you are planning on joing the harvest share this year, but have not yet done so, I reccomend acting sooner rather than later.

Other farm activities this time of year include pruning the fruit trees and currant bushes, sending soil samples to the lab, and seeding all sorts of crops in the greenhouse.  Also we are cleaning up the fields and making sure our tractors are in good working order, or at least able to start.  We can't wait for some real Spring weather-- won't be long now!


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