CSA in Harrisburg

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John and Whitey the cat are especially pleased with this share in high summer

We have been offering a CSA in Harrisburg and surrounding areas-- Camp Hill, Hershey, and now New Cumberland-- since 2006.  To see exactly where we deliver, you can visit the detail, details page of this website, or our harvie sign in page.  Not sure what "harvie" is?  It is the web based CSA sofware we use to insure that you, the eater, (or someone else, if you sign up with another farm and foolish relinquish your spot) gets exactly what you want, when you want it.  To learn more, you can visit our "about harvie" page here, or visit harvie's very own web page.


If you don't see a delivery location near to you, contact us.  We may be willing to add a dropoff or deliver directly to your business.

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