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Delivery    is on Tuesday afternoon for State College area, Thursday afternoon for Harrisburg, with pickup until 8:00 P.M. (except Boalsburg and Hershey where it is until 6:00 P.M.)

Cost for the Season is $605 for a full share, $430 for a couples/ individual share.  Cost for an  A la Carte share depends on how much you buy!

Season runs from May 23rd (May 25th) to October 17th (19th) for a total of 22 fun filled weeks.  We may offer a late fall/ early winter share at the tail end of the 2017 season, depending on the growing season. 

State College delivery sites include

Boalsburg Farmers' Market, Pennsylvania Military Museum, Boalsburg

College Heights, Sunset Drive

Park Forest, Fairwood Lane

Holmes Foster, on Prospect Avenue

Downtown, Webster's Cafe, 133 E. Beaver Avenue.

Reedsville, at Brindel's Hardware on Main Street

Harrisburg delivery sites include:

Paxtang, Montour Street near Swan St.

Camp Hill, North 29th Street just off of Market.

Colonial Park/ Susquehanna Township, Twinn Ave.

Hershey, Farmer's Market at Hershey next to the Med Center

and you can also pick up at Jade Family Farm

Payment Schedule: $125 non refundable deposit secures your spot.  First installment of $240 (full shares) or $150 (couples share) is due May 1st.  Final installment of $240 (full shares) or $155 (couples/individual share) is due July 15th.  For A la Carte shares, the deposit covers the first $125 worth of purchases, after which you will be invoiced monthly.  Please note that the $125 is non refundable even if you do not purchase $125 of produce.







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