Frequently Asked Questions

common questions about the harvest share answered

Q: I really don't like certain vegetable(s).  Do I have to eat them?

A:No, not only will you not have to eat them, we won't even put them in your box.  Every week check the "tentative share" email and if you don't like it, you can pick out something you like better, via an online store for that purpose.  Very fussy eaters are probably better off with the a la Carte share.


Q:What can I expect?

A: Please visit our seasonable availability graph for what sorts of thing you can expect when and our photo gallery to see pictures of some past shares.


Q:We will be gone for much of the summer.  Can we still join?

A: Yes.  If you will be gone three contiguous weeks or more, we can skip those deliveries and prorate the share cost.  Frequent travelers are probably best suited to the a la carte option.


Q: Is it for me?

A: We think our harvest share is pretty easy to like.  However, if you only like a small range of vegetables, don't like to cook, eat out or travel a lot, you might want to reconsider, or choose the a la carte option.


Q: Will you be offering a winter share? 

A: Maybe!  If fall crops are good and there is enough interest, we plan on offering a late fall/ early winter share until mid- December.


Q: Why Jade?  There are so many farms to choose from.

A:  That's true, and while our quality, flavor and value are as good as any, we don't claim to be better than most other farms-- generally, our friends offer a high quality product as well.  The big difference comes with the share flexibility we offer.  See our share types page to see how you are truly in charge of what goes in your box (if you want to be!) 

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