our friends and allies

Why stop with great food?  Here are some of the other people and businesses which have made our lives healthier, happier and richer.

Yoga: I can drone on for hours about how yoga has transformed my life.  There are probably lots of good or great yoga studios around, but the ones I've been studying at, and which I highly recommend, are, in State College, The Iyengar Yoga Institute of Central Pennsylvania, and, in the Harrisburg area, Befit Body and Mind Yoga

Nutritional Counselling: Dana Eisenstein, my lovely ex- wife, is extremely knowledgeable about all things regarding food, diet and nutrition, and brings to her practice a dedication and compassion I have never witnessed elsewhere.  Possibly I'm a little bias, but nonetheless her website is

Homeopathy: I have found Jenny at Nittany Mountain Homeopathy to have been extremely helpful in curing all my various maladies.

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