Share Options

Large Share: Designed to meet the vegetable needs of a typical family of 4 or two hungry vegetarians.  $30 per week for about $32 of produce (to learn how this is calculated and what it means, see below). To give you an idea about what this translates into, the weekly delivery comes in a 15x11x9 inch box and is typically very full,or, if a lot of large leafy things are ordered, two boxes are needed. Corresponds to previous years' full/ family share. Also available biweekly.  


Medium Share:    Our most popular share option.  $21.75 a week for $21.75 worth of produce. (to see how this is calculated and what it means, see below.)  This typically fills up the 15 X 11 X 9 inch delivery box most of the way, or all of the way if there are a lot of fluffy, leafy items.  Corresponds to previous years' "couple's share".   Also available biweekly.


Small Share:  For those with modest vegetable needs. $16.50 a week gets you $16.50 of produce.  (To learn how this is calculated and what it means, see below).  The above described delivery boxes won't be all the way full, but if that's all you need, so much the better.  Also available biweekly.


Prices and Value: Our prices on produce are the same as we charge for things at the farmers' markets we attend, sometimes slightly lower.  These, in turn, are based on the going wholesale price, what other vendors are charging, what we think is fair to us and you, and, sometimes, what supermarkets charge.  In general, our prices are consistently lower than what supermarkets charge (for certified organic produce such as ours)-- and then there is the difference in freshness and flavor.

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