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Full Share: Designed to meet the vegetable needs of a typical family of 4 or two hungry vegetarians.  The weekly delivery comes in a 15x11x9 inch box and is full every week, except early spring, when it is mostly full, and late summer, when it is overflowing.  Customization is available if you don't like some of the things in the box and shareholders are eligible to order extras from the a la carte menu. 


Couples/ Individual share:  As above, except 65%of the vegetables of the Full Share.  Contents of the box will be the same or similar to the Full Share, only amounts will be smaller.  Our most popular share option.


A la Carte share:  Choose only those items you want, when you want them.  We'll send you a weekly email with produce availablilty and prices.  You'll have a day to place an order via our website, should you choose to do so.  We'll then pack your box accordingly.  Initial deposit covers your first $125 of produce, after which you will be invoiced monthly.  Please note your deposit is non refundable even if you don't use it all up.

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