Staff Members
John Eisenstein (Field commander)

John co- founded Jade Family Farm in 2005 along with his wife Dana.  He is the handsome fellow on the left in the above photo.  Favorite vegetable: okra. 

Dana Eisenstein (Voice of Reason)

Dana co- founded Jade Family Farm along with her husband John in 2005.  She is currently back in school studying integrative health and nutrition.  Favorite vegetable: kale

Jim Eisenstein (Director of Fruit Operations)

Also known as the unpaid field hand, Jim is John's dad.  He is the fellow to the right on the above photograph.  Favorite vegetable: tomato

Hannah Wittwer (Caprine Activities Director)

Hannah joined the Jade team in July 2011.  In addition to everything else, she cares for (and milks) our two lovely dairy goats.  Favorite vegetable: Bok choy.

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