Staff Members
John Eisenstein (Field commander)

John co- founded Jade Family Farm in 2005 along with his then- wife Dana.  He is the handsome fellow on the left in the above photo.  Favorite vegetable: okra. 

Dana Eisenstein (Voice of Reason)

Dana co- founded Jade Family Farm along with her then- husband John in 2005.  She is currently practicing as a nutritionist in the Harrisburg area.  She also gives piano instruction.  Favorite vegetable: kale.  Or is it turnip?

Jim Eisenstein (Director of Fruit Operations)

Also known as the unpaid field hand, Jim is John's dad.  He is the fellow to the right on the above photograph.  Favorite vegetable: tomato

Hannah Wittwer (Caprine Activities Director)

Hannah joined the Jade team in July 2011.  Technically she moved to Virginia several years ago, but I refuse to accept her resignation and merely consider her very, very late for work.  Favorite vegetable: Bok choy.

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