Our Variety

Just a sampling of the things we grow-- I'll add more later!

These organic strawberries are little red gems of sweetness. Grown on 1/5 an acre of land, our strawberries are harvested by our committed interns & fieldhands just before CSA boxes are packed & the day before market - for lasting quality. We suggest you eat them by the fistful or use them to make homemade strawberry ice cream - we on the farm really enjoyed them that way.

French Sorrel

Very deicious intense lemon flavor is theperfect accompianment to fishies or chicken.

Tender Young Red Giant Mustard

Extremely attractive leaves with hues of red and purple, Red Giant Mustard is very flavorful and adds a wonderful accent to salads.

Asian Greens


Senposai is a tender Japanese green with the sweetness of cabbage and the tenderness of Spinach. The leaves grow quite large - bigger than your head - and are excellent for salads, sauteeing, stir-frying, pickling and are exceptionally well-suited for wraps. Senposai leaves are a great subsitute when you're looking for something lighter than a tortilla or bread. This person even wrapped their burger in Senposai. Now, get grilling! You can thank us later.

Red Beets with Tops

There are typically 4 to 6 beets in a bunch, depending on size.  Red beets are the most common type of beet and are delicious boiled, roasted, sauteed, used in a soup or stew-  pretty much anything.  The greens are edible as well and quite nutritious, I am told-- they are typically steamed or sauteed.  Red beets "bleed" and will color anything you cook them with red.  They have also been known to stain clothing and upholstery.  

Cooking tips: if you boil the beets whole, the skins will slip right off when the beet is done.  The interior of the beet should be tender but not mushy-- check frequently with a sharp pointy thing.  Cooked any other way, the beets should be peeled before cooking.  A good potato peeler works best.

Red Beets, no Tops

See description for "red beets with tops", only ignore the part about the greens.  


Broccolini is a relative of broccoli with smaller florets and longer but thinner stalks. The leaves are also extremely delicious. Broccolini is excellent steamed or sauteed, wonderful in stir fries, or as some farm hands are always caught eating it - raw.

Tokyo Bekana

"Tender Loose Leaf Cabbage" is great for stir-frys, sautees, and raw in a salad or slaw. Tastes quite similar to traditional heads of cabbage, with a milder flavor and the leaves are more tender.

Mini White

Mini White Cucumbers are mild, sweet and succulent. These cukes are great for fresh eating. They have thinner skins and smaller seeds than most common cucumbers, making them great for salads & healthy snacking. Just as their name implies, they are quite small and range from about 3 to 5 inches in length. 

Asian Eggplant

Asian Eggplant are long and skinny, typically purple or lavender.  Frankly, I think they taste just the same as the more familiar Italian style eggplant.  No need to peel.  Tough peels and bitterness are the sign of a poorly grown or improperly harvested eggplant.  Quality eggplant-- demand it!!

Garlic Scapes

Garlic Scapes form at the center of the garlic plant when the bulb is growing underground. The scapes actually contain the seed pod and the plant will "go to seed" if the scape is left intact. Traditionally they were removed and discarded to allow the garlic bulb to form. Fortunately for us, someone realized they were amazing and taste JUST LIKE GARLIC, told his or her friends, and scapes started to catch on. Now garlic growers everywhere (and CSA customers) don't have to lament over wasted garlic and they don't have to wait for the bulb to form in order to have garlicky goodness. In comes Super Scape to the rescue. Enjoy just like garlic. Use the entire scape. Makes a fantastically garlickly pesto, great garlic bread, wonderful in pasta sauce, and the list goes on...

Greens: Arugula

Arugula is a tender green with a rich, peppery taste. This flavorful green makes a great salad by itself or mixed with other greens/lettuce. It's also excellent sauteed and especially great as a pizza topping (I swear, try it). 

Greens: Lettuce
Green Boston Lettuce

Boston lettuce forms a loose head.  It is the most tender lettuce we grow.

Green Leaf

Green Leaf lettuce is tender but hearty, with a bit of crunch. A great lettuce for salads, sandwiches, wraps, and atop burgers!

Red Boston Lettuce

Boston lettuce forms a loose head.  It is the most tender variety we grow.  Red Boston is tinged with red on the outside, the inside of the head is a pale, creamy green.  

Red Oakleaf

Kale, Bunched

A 12 ounce bunch of full sized leaves of kale.  Intended for cooking, not salads.  Since kale tends to taste stronger as the weather gets hotter, bunched kale is typically available in the fall and early winter.  Variety pictured is Red Russian.

Tender Young Kale

Leaves of tender, young kale washed, spun dry and bagged. Leaf size is typically 3 to 7 inches with very little stem. This product can be eaten raw or cooked -- see product description under "bunched kale" for cooking suggestions. The specific variety of kale in the bag varies, though Red Russian is the most common.

(Please Note: Like all of our bagged greens, tender young kale is washed, but not done so in a certified commercial kitchen and so is not considered read to eat. We encourage you to thoroughly inspect and wash all produce before consumption.)


Kohlrabi is a cultivar of cabbage that tastes like a sweeter, milder cross between cabbage and broccoli stalks. This delicious vegetable can be eaten raw or cooked. Just don't forget to peel it first! Kohlrabi is delicious dipped raw in hummus or dressing, steamed, sauteed, added to mashed potatoes, in pot pies.. what doesn't it do? The leaves are also quite edible and can be prepared just like kale or collard greens.

Baby Leeks

Baby leeks are just like regular leeks, except smaller (and more fun)! Most famous for it's starring role (mentioned first in the credits) in Julia Child's famous Leek & Potato Soup (with cream!). Leeks have a milder flavor than onions but are similar and often replace them in recipes. 

Mesclun Mix
Zesty Salad Mix

Our zesty salad mix is a combination of asian greens including tat soi and mizuna, a bit of baby kale, some mustard for a little zestiness - all mixed together with head lettuce for the ultimate salad mix experience. Full of variety that makes a great flavor combination. 

Mini Purplette Onions

About 2 inches in diameter, these mini purplette onions are not only gorgeous, but they taste delicious. Their flavor is true of any red onion, a bit stronger than your traditional yellow or white onion but with added sweetness. Crisp & juicy, and you can use the greens just like you would on a scallion! Use the same way you would any other onion - chopped up in salads & wraps, sauteed as the base of soups, stir-frys, atop burgers & sandwiches, etc.

Spring Onions

Tasty typical onion flavor, but more mild. Great diced up in salads, sauteed like any other onion, or as a garnish for just about anything.

Pepper: Bell or Sweet
Green Bell Pepper

Green bell peppers are thick walled and juicy.  Along with white, ivory, and purple peppers, green peppers represent the immature (unripe) form of the pepper fruit.  Still plenty good to eat!

Red Bull's Horn Peppers

This pepper is sweet, not hot.  Named for its characteristic shape.  Just between you and me, I find these peppers far superior to bell peppers, both in terms of flavor and of sweetness.  Not quite as thick walled as bell peppers.

Pepper: Hot
Poblano Peppers

Poblano peppers are only mildly hot, so that most people can enjoy them without undue suffering.  Medium walled peppers are great for frying, stuffing, or salsa, if you like it mild.  Indescribably delicious when sliced, fried in hot olive oil, generously salted and served with a side of plain yoghurt.  Known as ancho when let ripen to red and dried.

Easter Egg Radish

These beautiful radishes vary in color and are oval/round in shape - thus their title. This particular crop is crisp, succulent, and relatively mild - a touch spicy. 

French Breakfast Radish

Crunchy and delicious, French Breakfast, like all radishes, get hotter as the weather does the same.  These radishes are oblong, red with a white tip, very fetching.  This variety is well known in France, but the several French people I have asked deny ever having eaten it for breakfast.


Abundant, deep-green leaves accented with brilliant red venation and stalks. Red color deepens with frost. Beautiful in bunches. Great in pie, cobbler, or jams!!

Tender Young Spinach

Whole rosettes of tender young spinach, washed and spun dry.  Leaf size approximately 2-4 inches.  For salads and light cooking.  (Please note: tender young spinach, like all of our bagged greens, though washed, is not processed in a certified commercial kitchen and so is not considered ready to eat.  We recommend you thoroughly inspect and wash all produce before consumption.)

Assorted Summer Squash

Various summer squash varieties! All with mild squash flavors, great sauteed or pan fried in butter with a little bit of salt (but what isn't?). Summer squash also makes a mean "zucchini" bread, works as a filler in stuffed peppers, and I once had a delicious raw zucchini salad with thinly sliced zucchini, basil, oil & vinegar 

Sweet Potato
Japanese Sweet Potato

These sweet potatoes have bright magenta skins and pale yellow flesh.  They are starchier than the typical orange sweet potatoes and not quite as sweet-- almost halfway to a "regular" potato.  Most people are in the habit of removing the skin before eating, but there is no reason to do so.  Do wash it, however.  These sweet potatoes really excell baked-- fluffy and deeply satisfying.  Don't skimp on the butter.

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