Who we are and what we believe

Farmer defined page

Jade Family Farm is truly a family farm, with three generations directly involved.  John is the farmer-in- chief and poor fellow running the business.  Dana co- founded the farm along with John in 2005.  She now is a nutritionist in Harrisburg, but still keeps involved in many ways and especially by weeding carrots.  Simon, 18, and Evelyn, 16, are the children of John and Dana. Now that simon has graduated school, he's threatening to go work elsewhere, but evelyn is here captive for another two years!  Ha ha ha!  John's parents help out several days a week, John's brother and Sister in law spend their summers here, and I always seem to have a nephew or three floating about.  We believe that wholesome, nutritious food is the birthright of all humans-- indeed, of all life-- and that food works best within a local community and enmeshed in a web of personal relationships.  We take our responsibilities as farmers both seriously and joyfully and are convinced that a small, diversified farm such as ours has a central place in today's world.


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